Watch our comprehensive video series in conversation with clinical sexologist Dr. Danitza Borges.


How do you pick the right professional for your needs? We discuss qualifications, common symptoms health professionals should be able to address, establishing comfort, identity-based connection, and how to pay.


Family, friends, romantic and sex partners, colleagues, faith leaders, health professionals, and others can use this information to improve their communications and seek support themselves.


How does sexual trauma impacts physical and emotional intimacy? We discuss the process of deciding whether to disclose to a partner, how much to share, establishing healthy and safe boundaries, dramatic shifts in pre-existing relationships, and mutual expectations management.


We discuss why mental health issues should be treated with the same respect as physical health issues, the need for companies to broaden their approach to sexual trauma victims beyond the framework of internal harassment, the danger of victims to avoid recovery through overworking, and the possibility for new businesses to launch out of growing victim-led movements for transparency. is a project of birdbrain,

a nonprofit clothing line for people impacted by sexual trauma.